These dogs love to Stay Positive(ly)!

Stay Positive Animal Training offers positive, animal-friendly behavior solutions for people and their pets. I work with most species of pets, specializing in dogs and parrots.

Why should you choose Stay Positive?

  • Stay Positive uses the most up-to-date, scientifically tested, positive methods to teach animals of all ages new tricks. (The best trick of all is getting your pet to be an integrated, well-behaved member of your household!)
  • Stay Positive fits around your schedule. Want to do some¬†additional work on the skills you started learning in an Animal Alliances group class? I make house calls! I will tailor lessons¬†around your schedule, your household, and your pet.
  • Stay Positive teaches your pet through games, making training fun for everyone.

My goal is to help people develop wonderful, mutually fulfilling relationships with their animals, and to make sure that they have fun doing it. Training should be fun for everyone involved, human and animal alike!

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