About the Trainer

Hi! I’m Caroline Moore.

I first learned about clicker training back in 2005. Knowing I was interested in it, a family member gave me the book Getting Started: Clicker Training for Cats by Karen Pryor for Christmas that year. I was immediately hooked, and so were my cats! Who knew you could teach cats tricks? (I didn’t!)  A few months later I added two caique parrots to my household, and clicker-trained them from day one.  Positive training made all the difference in integrating my parrots into my household, since, left to their own devices, parrots will make up their own entertainment, which usually consists of things like opening cabinets and tossing all of the contents onto the floor.  Teaching my parrots tricks gave them a way to get my attention and earn tasty treats without wreaking havoc on my house, and gave me a way to redirect their energy and attention away from something I didn’t want them to do.  When the clicker comes out, all of the animals in the house flock around hoping it’s their turn to be trained!

After seeing how well clicker training worked on my cats and parrots, I wanted to learn as much as I could about it. I started to read every book and resource about positive training that I could get my hands on and attend clicker training conferences.  Eventually I started to help others with questions about training, coming up with strategies to help them deal with thorny behavioral issues.

I loved helping others with their pets’ behavior problems, so in January 2010 I decided to take the next step: learning to teach group dog training classes.  I discovered The Collared Scholar, a wonderful, local, positive dog training school, and began apprenticing there.  After an eight-month apprenticeship, I began teaching my own classes. I also taught classes at True Blue Dog Training, and now teach at Animal Alliances.

In May 2010 I added a 7-month-old Standard Poodle to my menagerie.  He was a typical untrained, high-energy, adolescent puppy, but with consistent, positive training he has become a wonderful member of the household. In July 2011 he earned his Canine Good Citizen certification, to my great pride! He also loves learning to do Agility.

My training philosophy is this: Training should be fun for the animals and the humans. My favorite thing is to watch animals and humans have “aha moments” during training!

I am constantly working to update and improve my training knowledge and skills.  I frequently attend seminars, workshops, and conferences, including several ClickerExpos. I received my Level 1 Clicker Trainer Competency Assessment (CAP1) with Merit. In October 2011, I graduated with distinction from the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Program under instructor Carolyn Barney. I am proud to call myself a KPA Certified Training Partner!  I am also an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen evaluator.