Parrot Services

Behavior Solutions

Parrots are incredibly intelligent creatures, which is one of the reasons we humans love keeping them as pets. However, sometimes those lead your parrot to learn behaviors you don’t like, such as lunging and/or biting, refusing to step up, exploring places you’d rather he didn’t, or chewing on inappropriate things.

Fortunately, there are solutions that will help you and your parrot live together in harmony! Using your parrot’s favorite foods and a few simple rules, you can have a friendly, trusting relationship with your parrot.

Drawing from her own experience as a parrot owner since 2006, Caroline can help you develop a great relationship with your parrot and teach him or her the behaviors necessary for integrating harmoniously into your household.

To sign up for a private consult, please fill out this form, or contact Caroline at or (413) 570-0795.

In-Home Classes for Parrots

Caroline offers the following in-home classes for you and your parrot:

Trick Training

Teaching your parrot tricks is a fun way to bond with your feathered buddy and a great way to keep your parrot mentally stimulated. Parrots can learn many tricks, from shaking hands to spinning around to putting coins in a piggy bank!

See one of Caroline’s caique parrots, Daedalus, performing some of her tricks! Click the links below:

Flying retrieve

Putting rings on a peg

Putting coins in a piggy bank


Harness Training

Would you like to take your parrots outdoors safely? You can, by teaching your parrot to wear a harness!

See Caroline’s two parrots learning to accept a harness here.


“Potty” Training

Does your parrot poop all over your house, including on you? Would you let your parrot out of her cage more often if you didn’t have to worry about getting poop on your clothing? You can teach your parrot to poop only in appropriate places. Potty training a parrot means less cleanup for you and more freedom for your bird!

Icarus and Daedalus poop on cue

To sign up for an in-home class, please fill out this form, or contact Caroline at or (413) 570-0795.